Mr David Rawsley
October, 2022
Project Type
Installation of Windows and Doors
Honley, Huddersfield, UK

The Simply PVC team were called to Honley, Huddersfield to install new, energy-efficient sliding sash windows for the customer. We needed to replace the old windows, with bespoke, top-of-the-range double-glazed windows, all whilst keeping the characterful stained glass elements of the windows intact.

We managed to deliver on the project and we’re proud of the results. The customer’s home is now much more energy efficient and we’ve managed to keep those stunning decorative elements pride of place!

Are you looking to improve your home’s aesthetic? Are you struggling with energy inefficiency in your home? As you can see, even if you have legacy windows, with decorative stained glass, we can help. Get in touch with our team today to discuss what options are available.

We have a passion for the home improvement industry and our team work to strict standards and ensure our company values are met on every job to ensure a high-quality finish on every installation. That’s our promise.

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