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Garden room installers
in Huddersfield

It seems like Garden Rooms have become a massive craze since the COVID pandemic. People were looking for better ways to work from home, run their businesses or even get fit. Quite often you’ll be pleased to know that most garden rooms don’t actually require planning permission, which makes things much easier.



You can develop a garden room into anything. From a man cave, to beauty salon, and from a home office, to a gym with spa facilities. The opportunities are endless and a great way to add value to your house whilst making the most of the wasted space in your garden.

You can use a garden room for:

Frequently Asked Questions

Having over 15 years experience supplyng and installing windows, you know you’re insafe hands when chosing Simply PVC to manage your project for you. Also, feel free to take a look at our reviews from our Huddersfield based customers for extra piece of mind

We work with our customers to understand their requirements when it comes to a garden room. Luckily, we’re experts in garden rooms and can help you from planning stage, all the way through to installation. We manage all projects from start to finish and take everything off your hands.

In a nutshell, yes it will. With a garden room, your’re not just adding more space, but also adding utility to your home. With our quality build and materials use, will also help towards the increase in home valuation.